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While most homeowners need a heating system to weather the winter, choosing the right heating system isn’t necessarily a simple decision. You have many heating system options, from heat pumps to furnaces, and just as many fuel choices.

One of the fuel choices growing in popularity is heating oil. In this blog, we discuss eight reasons that homeowners make the switch to heating oil.

  1. Cost-Effective

Heating oil is one of the most affordable fuels currently available for household heating because it’s highly efficient. Even if purchasing heating oil costs more than buying natural gas in your area, your heating costs may still be cheaper overall if you use oil.

Oil’s cost-effectiveness over time stems from the fact that you don’t have to burn as much heating oil to achieve the same result.

Because heating oil is delivered to your property, you can also plan ahead so that you never have to worry about heating costs when your budget gets tight.

  1. Highly Efficient

When you burn any fuel, from the gasoline in your car to the propane in your grill, some of that fuel disappears during the heating process without being used. The higher the percentage of your fuel that can actually be burned, the more efficient the fuel.

High-quality oil heating systems can perform at 85% to 95% efficiency, sometimes as much as 16% more effectively than natural gas.

  1. More Comfortable

When lit, heating oil burns consistently at a high temperature. This high temperature means that heating oil can warm a home or tank of water more quickly than most other fuels.

Additionally, heating oil’s steady burn provides dependable heat in almost all weather conditions. This comfort can also contribute to the cost-effectiveness of heating oil since you do not have to burn as much fuel to attain the desired temperature, lowering your overall energy expenses.

  1. Readily Available

Many of the fuels used for heating qualify as nonrenewable fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are mostly found outside of the United States, so the cost and availability of these fuels can depend on a number of factors, including a country’s political relationship with the United States.

In contrast, heating oil is available in most places throughout the U.S., including some areas that are not serviced by gas companies due to their remote location. Talk to a heating oil delivery company in your area to determine if heating oil is more readily available to you than other forms of fuel.

  1. Reliable

As mentioned in the first section, heating oil is generally delivered directly to your property. You can predict, monitor, and control your heating oil consumption easily due to the reliability of reputable heating oil delivery companies.

Many delivery companies offer one-time purchases as well as long-term delivery schedules that ensure you always have enough oil on hand.

  1. Safe to Store and Use

Many heating fuels are volatile, flammable, or explosive. Natural gas, for example, can cause explosions if accidentally exposed to high temperatures outside of a controlled environment. Heating oil, however, will not light except in the conditions found inside a heating appliance.

Due to this chemical stability, heating oil leaks do not pose a health hazard, and heating oil storage is completely safe, even near a heating appliance.

  1. Sustainable

One of the largest concerns about fossil fuels is their emissions. When burned, fossil fuels release toxic chemicals that affect the environment. Harvesting fossil fuels can also contribute to groundwater contamination and other environmental issues.

Heating oil preparation is much less detrimental than most other fuels. Additionally, modern heating oil produces almost no emissions, and oil-based heating systems that re-burn fuel produce even fewer overall emissions.

The heating oil in your home is also only composed of just 0.25% sulfur, making it a cleaner-burning fuel. This minimal sulfur level keeps your appliances free from soot and other buildups, and it also reduces your impact on the environment.

  1. Versatile

Certain fuels can only be used in a single heating appliance. Homeowners may need to use one fuel for climate control and another for hot water heating — or a certain fuel for pool heating and another for their indoor needs.

In contrast, oil heating systems come in several varieties, which makes this fuel more versatile. Homeowners can rely on heating oil for almost any residential heating needs. Choosing the right oil heating system ensures that you have the most effective method to supply your home with warm air or hot water.

Use heating oil for your climate control, water heating, and other heating needs to take advantage of the benefits listed above.

Do you think that heating oil could help keep your home warmer and more welcoming during cold weather? Trust Glendale Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable and cost-effective heating oil delivery throughout the Seattle area. We offer long-term packages, automatic tank refills, and rapid service to homeowners.

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