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Mini Split Heat Pumps

RebatesThe typical chilly weather in Seattle, WA, can leave something to be desired, but if you have a functioning heat pump, you don’t have to dread the cold. Before the cool season strikes, get in touch with Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable and professional heat pump repair and installation.

Since 1938, we’ve provided Seattle residents with quality heating services. If your heat pump isn’t working as it should or it’s been too long since it received maintenance, give us a call. We’ll arrive at your property quickly so you don’t have to wait to feel the comforting relief of heat.

Request Our Heat Pump Installation

Air conditioning heat pumps on the side of a house

If you don’t have a heat pump currently in your home, let us install one for you. This heating appliance moves heat from outside into your home so your interior feels warm and cozy. Likewise, a mini split heat pump also works in reverse in the summer—it moves heat from inside to the outside, allowing you to feel cool and relaxed during the hot summer heat waves.

Because heat pumps rely on electricity to run, these appliances are inexpensive and energy efficient to use. By installing a heat pump in your home, you can save around 75% more than if you had a standard HVAC system on your property. One of our most recommended heat pumps systems is the mini ductless split. The mini ductless split’s ductless design and innovative construction makes it one of the most efficient and easiest to install and maintain heat pumps on the market.  

Have Your Heat Pump Repaired

Already have a heat pump in your home? We can keep the appliance in good condition so it runs without a hitch when you need it most. If the system stops working or you don’t feel as cool or warm as you like, let us know. We’ll perform our heat pump repair services right away so you and yours can stay as comfortable as you like while you’re indoors.

We also use top brands and quality parts as we work so you can feel confident in our skill and expertise. Call us today at 1.800.392.7687 to schedule a service for your property in Seattle, WA.