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Oil Delivery

Get premier oil delivery in the Seattle area. We offer petroleum oil heating fuel, BioHeat heating oil, as well as stove oil, kerosene, propane, and presto logs.


Air Conditioning

We offer split ductless systems from the most trusted major manufacturers in the air conditioning industry. Stay cool and save money while you do it.



Keep your house warm. Get a full array of the most reliable furnaces and heating systems on the market installed by fully qualified technicians.


Go Green with Oil Heating in Seattle, WA

New to Oil Heat?

Did you know that today’s oil heat is cleaner burning than natural gas?

Oil furnaces last up to four times longer, provide cleaner heat, and are better for the environment.

Plus, if you heat your home with BioHeat, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Dependable Delivery

We deliver standard heating oil, BioHeat, and just about everything for your home heating needs. Schedule for our automatic refill service, or we’re always just a phone call away.


Furnaces age — it’s a fact of home ownership. Occasionally, you have to install a new furnace to ensure you have healthy air in your home. Glendale’s specialty is retrofitting custom furnaces and air conditioning systems into your existing layout.

Top Quality Furnaces

Glendale installs the best brands in heating and air conditioning: oil furnaces from Thermo Pride, electric thermostats by Honeywell, and gas furnaces from Lennox.

Go Green with Glendale

Glendale supports greening your heating with the latest fuel-efficient oil, gas, and electric furnace installations. We are a certified BioHeat distributor.