Home Heating Oil Delivery in Seattle, WA

Heating Oil Delivery

Glendale is one of Seattle’s premier suppliers of home heating oil. Our range of delivered heating oil products includes petroleum oil heating fuel and BioHeat heating oil. We offer Budget Payment plans and Senior Rates as well.

Stove oil, kerosene, and propane are also available at our self-service facility.

As-Needed Oil Heat Delivery

If you prefer to gauge your own tank and monitor your own usage, Glendale also delivers on a will-call basis. Our trucks are well equipped to handle your needs and provide fast service. Just keep our number handy, and call 1-800-3WARMUP when you need oil!

Automatic Refill Service

Glendale offers you convenience and peace of mind with our automatic refill service. Our Automatic Refill Service is carefully designed to keep your tank level throughout the year.

With information provided by the National Weather Bureau, our Automatic Refill Service can forecast when you need an oil delivery. This guarantees that your tank has an acceptable amount of oil all the time. The system sees when oil is consumed during all types of weather. Rely on us for having your oil tank filled up, ready to heat your home.

Oil Heat Facts

  • Clean heat
  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

Oil heating fuel is one of America’s cleanest heating oil resources. Modern residential oil burners produce less than 1/3 of one percent of total particulate emissions in the U.S. each year. Since oil burns so clean, oil heat has the lowest environmental impact of any type of heating fuel.

A modern oil furnace burns at zero percent smoke, and boasts over 80% efficiency, meaning more heat is being delivered to your home with less energy expended.